Of all the places in the country, there's nothing quite like New York. Whether you're checking out the latest exhibits at the Met Breuer, indulging in the baked treat du jour (NYC is the birthplace of the cronut, after all), or taking in one of countless Broadway shows (catch Oh Hello! for some big time laughs), New York packs more fun into a single block than most cities could ever dream possible.

But one thing New York also packs on is the pollen. Especially during spring allergy season. But with a little planning (starting your day early to take advantage of the lower pollen counts), and some help from FLONASE® SENSIMIST™ Allergy Relief, you can enjoy everything New York has to offer. Well almost everything. Unless your name happens to be on the side of a building, Hamilton tickets can be impossible to score. Without further delay, it's time for some big city fun.

About town

Central Park — Stop by for sweeping views, a gorgeous lake, a great lawn that's actually called the Great Lawn (perfect for a picnic), and tons more. And because NYC is truly the city with everything, there's even some rock climbing to be had in Central Park. If you're feeling frisky, stop by Rat Rock to work up an appetite.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden — The perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon. Flowers abound. Nearly every variety of rose you can imagine, plus thousands of exotic plants.

The High Line — For a park experience unlike anything else, stop by what's essentially an elevated train rail that's been majestically transformed into a public park. With some of the best views around, and a way to literally transcend the hustle and bustle of the city, High Line is not to be missed.

Brooklyn (The "New" New York) — If you've still got some juice in the tank, do yourself a favor and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only will you be treated to some of the best views of Manhattan, you'll also be in Brooklyn! There's excellent shopping in Park Slope (5th and 7th Avenues are sure to please), and tons to enjoy in Fort Green, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg.

Insider Tip

Wake up early! You'll avoid the crowds and the high pollen counts.
And if you need a little extra help on the pollen front, stop by any of NYC's million or so pharmacies and pick up some FLONASE® SENSIMIST™ ALLERGY RELIEF to get your seasonal allergy symptoms under control.

Must eats

BBQ — While not a traditional BBQ town like Austin or Kansas City, New York brings something a little more exotic to the mix. With a plethora of Korean and Japanese BBQ restaurants, you'll not only have a feast, you'll have some major fun cooking the meats yourself on a tabletop grill. For a meal you won't forget, try the superprime and beef tongue sashimi at Yakiniku West; for the premium A5 Kobe, fresh from Japan, make a trip to Futago, for something offally delicious, Takashi is your best best bet.

Alidoro — An Italian sandwich shop with some of the tastiest meats and cheeses around. If you're like us, you'll probably wish you ordered seconds—these sandwiches are like candy.

Bagel Time — Chances are you've had one before. But these chewy doughy delights take on a life of their own when you're in New York. For something unforgettabagel, try Zucker's, Black Seed, Sadelle's, or Bergen Bagels in Brooklyn.

Have a Ball

If there's one thing that divides New Yorkers like nothing else, it's the Yankees and the Mets. But as a visitor, you aren't required to pick a side. If the weather is good, hop a train to either Citi Field or Yankee Stadium (check game schedule first), and take in America's national pastime.

If fuzzy balls are more your speed, the US Open is played every year in Flushing Meadows, Queens starting in late August.

Insider Tip

No matter where the day takes you, remember the 4 S's: Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Something to Drink. FLONASE® SENSIMIST.™

Selfie alert

Freedom Tower — At 1,776 feet, this isn't just the tallest building in town, it's a tribute to America's birthday.

Oculus — Ever wondered what would happen if a monorail and a brontosaurus skeleton joined forces? Check out this futuristic shopping mall and see for yourself.

Lincoln Center — Catch an opera or ballet (or claim to have) at this famed locale.

30 Rockefeller Plaza — Share the scene with Atlas and get the quintessential NYC shot.

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