What better place to live life greater than your allergies than in Los Angeles, California? The second largest city in the country, LA offers never-ending opportunities to get out and be active. From quintessential beaches and mountains for hiking, to its stargazing spots, this Southern California gem is an all-time favorite destination.

Los Angeles is not a place you go to spend time indoors. So if you suffer from allergies, they can take a toll on your overall experience. However, with a little help from FLONASE® SENSIMIST™ Allergy Relief, your allergies won't stand in the way of all the glitz and glam Tinseltown has to offer.

About town

SANTA MONICA PIER — Along the boardwalk, you can find an old-school amusement park which is perfect for picture taking, or even spotting talented street performers working their latest routine. And because Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach share a coast, you can cycle from one end to the other taking in all the sights along the way.

HOLLYWOOD WALK of FAME — Play a game. See how many of your favorite celebrities you can find amongst the more than 2,500 stars embedded in the sidewalks. But keep your eyes open, because you never know when you may actually run into a real Hollywood star.

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART — Take a trip to the MOCA. With thought-provoking exhibitions and beautiful art, you're sure to walk away feeling inspired. If it's too crowded The Broad, LA's other contemporary art museum, is just a couple of steps away.

RODEO DRIVE — Hunting for some high-end shopping? The shops on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills are certain to make you feel like the lifestyles of the rich and famous. However, if you're trying to find your way over, make sure you sound like a local. Rodeo is pronounced "RO-DAY-OH". Any way you say it, be prepared to pony up!

RUNYON CANYON — Want to go for a run, a hike, or take in some much needed R&R;? Try Runyon Canyon. It's one of the most popular hiking spots in LA. It's about 2.5 miles of wilderness, right in the middle of the city. Follow the trail that others have blazed before you, or start your own. No matter what you do, just be sure to make it to the top because the views are incredible.

Insider Tip

No one likes congestion. Traffic, nasal, or otherwise. So plan to head to your destinations earlier than scheduled to avoid extreme traffic congestion when traveling. And for 24-hour relief from nasal congestion as well as itchy, and watery eyes, try FLONASE® SENSIMIST™ Allergy relief.

Must eats

GRAND CENTRAL MARKET — One lap around Grand Central Market is like a crash course in the LA food scene. From cheese to carnitas, and ramen to roasts, here you give your taste buds something to look forward to lap after lap.

CANTER'S DELI — Need some 24-hour eats? This is the place for you. Canter's Deli is open all night long. Located on Fairfax Avenue, you can get arguably the best pastrami sandwich in town. Plus, it's not too far from any of the action during the day or at night.

IN-N-OUT BURGER — A staple in Los Angeles. What you experience in long lines and hungry customers, In-N-Out makes up for it with great tasting, classic all-American burgers.

FOOD TRUCKS — Not much time? Just grab something on the go. LA is home to many amazing food trucks, with cuisine that will blow your mind. In fact, LA is credited for starting the food truck phenomenon, so you know the food checks out. With locations that move all over the city, consider this fine dining on four wheels.

Have a Ball

From professional hockey to collegiate volleyball, the LA sports scene is nothing short of pure excitement. Home of soon-to-be-home more than nine professional teams, you'll come across fans of all types everywhere you go. Take in a Lakers or Clippers game at the Staples Center in Downtown LA, or a Dodgers game not too far up the road. Plus, with the addition of another major league soccer team coming in 2018, there's plenty of opportunity to fan out with the locals.

Insider Tip

No matter where the day takes you, remember the 3Ss: Sunscreen, Sunglasses. Something to drink.

Selfie alert

LACMA — Not only is the LACMA the largest museum in the West, but just out front, it hosts Chris Burden's "Urban Light" installation, which provides picture perfect lighting for the perfect shot.

HOLLYWOOD SIGN — If you're going to take a selfie anywhere in Los Angeles, this should be first on your list. The “Hollywood" sign has been an iconic backdrop since 1923. Consider it the “You Are Here" moment in your quest to conquer the West.

GRIFFITH PARK OBSERVATORY — It's been considered Southern California's gateway to the cosmos. Offering amazing views inside and out, this should definitely be a stop during your visit. At night, look out past the hills and bask in the beautiful illuminated backdrop that helps make this city feel magical.